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You are the most reliable PS/SOP mentor that I have ever met. I will keep referring you to my friends and colleagues! – Archer Q., Alumnus, Imperial College London

I think Larry is a diligent, responsible and reliable expert in this field; he possesses great understanding about how to write an outstanding personal statement and other university application materials. Most importantly, Larry knows exactly how to highlight a student’s shining points in the application and makes students consistently explore more self potential. – Jessica T., Alumnus, University of Melbourne

Larry在语言学和行为心理学上的积淀,让他能够在文书撰写中,从单纯的字词堆砌中逃脱出来,不流于形式的俊美,而专注于传达者的意识和接受者的认知,从而达到超出语气的效果。- Kevin Y., 金融产品客户体验专家

Larry在帮助我的过程中,首先就基于我输入给其的中文简历,提出了诸多细致的问题,以了解每段经验及每个项目的实质,同时,还会帮助适度调整与提炼出新的亮点来。相对而言,文法的准确、流畅与雅致,是自不用说、已然超越的基础优点。- Kevin Z., 市场品牌专家